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Are you a homeowner or looking to become a homeowner?  If so, you’ll quickly discover that life is a bit different than being a renter.  In fact, one of the first things you’ll need to setup after finding a new home, is to figure out your moving plan which often involves a moving truck.  When you choose to partner with Josh Lavik & Associates, life just got better because we have a FREE moving truck available for you as part of Home Perks™ program.


At Josh Lavik & Associates we believe that you deserve rewards just for being awesome!  Anytime you choose to support our company you'll instantly get some extra "perks".  Being eligible is easy.  Simply participate in our latest "Guess the Price" challenge on our facebook page, attend one of our real estate events, or share with others your experience about working with our team.  Or you can hire us to help you buy or sell a home. We believe that the people who have supported our business should get a little extra, and that's why we've developed the Home Perks program.  We are the ONLY real estate company in South Central Wisconsin that gives you this much value!!!

What Our Program Includes:

Moving Benefits

              • 16 Foot Moving Truck
              • Dolly & Blankets


power washer from Josh Lavik & Associates  carpet shampooer from Josh Lavik & Associates

              • Carpet Shampooer
              • Power Washer
              • Wheelbarrow
              • Tree Trimming Hand Tools
              • Ladders


games from Josh Lavik & Associates

triple blender from Josh Lavik & Associates

tables and chairs from Josh Lavik & Associates

bounce house from Josh Lavik & Associates

          • 4 Tables & 24 Folding Chairs
          • Oversized Cooler
          • Games: Kan Jams, Spike Ball, and Volleyball
          • Drink Koozies 
          • 3 Pitcher Margarita Maker
          • Bounce House


We believe that selling real estate is more than just a transaction.  In fact, it should impact our community as well.  Our purpose in this world is to help others and be servant minded.  When you choose Josh Lavik & Associates to help you buy, sell, or invest in real estate we will give a portion of our profits back to a local charity or non-profit of your choosing.  Now you can hire a great real estate team and know that you're also helping our local community.  Check out our giving back page to see some of the organizations that we have been able to help in the past.

Giving back to those in need

Contact us today to further discuss your real estate needs.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  Have a great day!

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